Montello, the vines and the horses

The backdrop to the Gobbo family’s history has been the wild beauty of the Montello Hill, with its picturesque slopes embroidered with neatly-ordered vines. Over the years, memories of the Great War have appeared, and one such relic is the small shrine dedicated to Francesco Baracca, Italy’s ace fighter pilot, who crashed on the Montello during the Second Battle of the Piave River with his plane emblazoned with the legendary Cavallo Rampante, or Prancing Horse.

The charm of this story, together with the Gobbo family’s enduring passion for horses and viticulture, led to them adopting this emblem as the symbol for the new business. So, history and legend, the pairing of a symbol and nature, blended into one identity: the Vigna Rampante brand.

The land of the Montello Hill is generous and fertile, and for centuries this area has been ideal for the cultivation of grapevines and the production of excellent wines thanks to its particular climatic conditions and the composition of its clayey soil, which is rich in iron and minerals. These conditions are perfect for Merlot, the traditional wine of the Montello. Then we have Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, a white which symbolises above all others the land of the Serenissima. Our sparkling wine offering includes Prosecco DOCG Asolo in Brut and Extra Dry versions, and an elegant Rosé Brut which has special meaning for the family.

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