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The desire to go to face new challenges, recognizing the potential of their own land and a passion that has been passed on from generation to generation in the Gobbo family, convinced Rudy to found Vigna Rampante whose vineyards climbed along the Montello and the Asolan Hills.

Gobbo family

The passion for the world of viticulture runs in the blood, just like the passion in the blood of a thoroughbred.

This is the powerful inner drive that has guided the life’s work of three generations of the Gobbo family, starting from grandfather Italo, who began devoting himself to viticulture in the Colli Orientali hills of the Friuli region. With great passion, he was to develop a deep understanding of vineyard creation and went on to become a pioneer of a new profession.

Under his expert guidance, partnered by his son Giancarlo, their company became a leader in the preparation and management of vineyards, adopting innovative and oftentimes courageous choices, whilst respecting tradition and the local area.

Convinced that “Wine is made in the vineyard”, Giancarlo devoted himself to understanding and caring for his grapevines throughout every stage of the growing cycle.

It was his son Rudy who would start his own production of bottles by founding Vigna Rampante in 2013, sharing from the beginning with his mother Loredana, sister Marta and father Giancarlo, the certainty that every terrain and every idea can represent a new beginning in the search to raise quality.

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Prima presa

The area

Montello, the vines and the horses

The scenario of the history of the Gobbo family is the wild beauty of Montello interspersed with slopes embroidered with neat vines. At times memories of the Great War appear, such as the sacellum dedicated to Francesco Baracca, Ace of the Axes of the Italian Air Force, which fell on Montello during the battle of the Solstice with his plane marked by the legendary prancing horse.

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